Cemetery / Burial Plot Information

Hondo Municipal Cemeteries

Consisting of: Oakwood, Woodmen of the World, Ingleside, Guadalupe, St. John's, and Oakwood Annex

Fee Schedule:

(as of October 1, 2023, and subject to change with City's adopted fee schedule)

No burial will be allowed in any cemetery lot unless all charges are paid in advance to The City prior to the interment.

  • City residents or owners of property inside city limits -
    • Burial site (lot) $500
    • Perpetual care $400 per burial site
  • Nonresidents or non-owners of property inside city limits -
    • Burial site (lot) $600
    • Perpetual care $500 per burial site

Procedures for Internment:

  • Lot owner must give written permission for internment
  • Graves may not be dug until marked by the Cemetery Sexton:
    • To facilitate this being done in a timely manner, all necessary payment of City cemetery fees and signing of the burial permission paperwork by the lot owner and receipt of the burial permission paperwork by the Sexton needs to take place a minimum of 24 hours before the grave is to be dug.

Rules and Regulations:

  1. No work implementation of any description is to be placed on any cemetery lots unless a written order from the lot holder is presented and a permit is obtained from the Cemetery Superintendent
  2. There will be no installation of obstacles, light devices, markers, trees, plants, shrubs, chairs, benches, vases, or other permanent installations on the roadways or other city property without permission of the City.
  3. Enclosures of any kind, fences, curbing, or coping around a lot are prohibited.
  4. The City has the right to remove objectionable articles, trees, and shrubs without notice to lot owners.
  5. The City will not be responsible for any funeral design, floral piece or other article or thing placed on any lot or grave in the cemetery.
  6. The City will conduct quarterly cleanups that will be held the third full week of January and the first full week of March, June, and October. Funeral designs, floral pieces and decorations will be removed from the graves when wilted, unsightly or damaged.
  7. The City reserves the right to remove or plant trees and shrubs and mow grass.
  8. The City shall have full right to fill and level graves.
  9. Installation of irrigation systems on lots must comply with the permit requirements under Ordinance 1139-10-17.
  10. Speed limit of the cemetery is 10 MPH.