Board Members


  • 4 pm
  • 3rd Wednesday of odd numbered months
  • City Hall
    City of Hondo Chambers
    1600 Avenue M
    Hondo, TX 78861


  • Vacant, President
  • J. Gruber, Secretary
  • Roger Hernandez
  • Ashley Lowe
  • John E Villa
  • Ronnie Miller
  • Dr. A'Lann Truelock
  • Brett Riff
  • Staff Liaison Scott Albert, City Manager


In 2004 the citizens of the City of Hondo approved the adoption of a 48 sales and use tax at the rate of.50% of 1% to undertake projects for the community. The purpose of the Corporation is to promote economic development within the City of Hondo and its mission is to meet the unique and changing needs of our community and maintaining partnerships that provide quality workforce development and career resources that enhance economic growth.