Live in Hondo!

Hondo, Texas is fast becoming recognized as one of the most advantageously situated communities in south central Texas. As the Medina County seat, Hondo is located in one of the highest growth regions within the State.

Hondo is a quality community, which possesses many desirable attributes. Gently rolling hills provide the setting for a quality lifestyle with an affordable cost of living. Excellent city services, outstanding parks and recreational facilities, safe neighborhoods, strong churches, and great schools all make Hondo an attractive community to consider as a place to live, work, or play. Hondo’s proximity to some of the State’s most popular tourist attractions, cultural activities and dynamic business centers provide convenient access to multiple experiences and interests.

Established in 1881 on the Southern Pacific Railroad, Hondo was incorporated on May 14, 1942. Primarily an agriculture/agri-business center with some light industrial activity, Hondo is conveniently located 30 miles west of San Antonio. The City straddles US Highway 90 and is bordered on the east by State Highway 173. Mexico is less than two hours driving time.

This proactive community is poised for development and welcomes business ventures that will complement and contribute to the charm of being a part of a community that respects its heritage and offers an outstanding quality of life.