Are there other Fines and Fees?

Books, Audio Books, ILL Books

  • $.10 cents, per day and per item (Maximum of $5 per item)


  • $1, per day and per item (Maximum of $10 per item)

Laptops and Wi-Fi Hotspots - Only available AFTER 6 months of active membership

  • $5, per day and per item (Maximum of $35 for laptop and $25 for Wi-Fi hotspot)

Full replacement cost of item will be charged if not returned.

Prints and Copies

  • Black and White $.10 cents, per page
  • Color $1, per page

Out Going Fax

  • $1 per page, excluding cover sheet

Replacement Library Card

  • $1, per card

Charges for Lost or Damaged Material

If a patron loses a library item or damages an item so that further circulation is impossible, the patron will be charged the full replacement price of the item plus a $3 processing fee. This applies to books, audio books, DVDs and videos. For lost or damaged equipment fees, see the Equipment Policy below.

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