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The mission of the Hondlibrary Opens in new windowo Public Library is to provide and promote open access to reading, intellectual, and informational resources that will enrich and enlighten all segments of the community.

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The Hondo Public Library is a public facility funded by the residents of Hondo through their taxes. The Library is located on the corner of Avenue K and 20th Street. It is an accredited member of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC).

The Library collection consists of books for all ages, periodicals, audio books, DVDs, and newspapers. The collection also includes a local history area.

Special Collections include the Rotary, adult; Rotary, top 100 children's books; Rowland Collection in honor of Alex Rowland; the Fletcher and Roberta Hopp Davis Memorial Texana Collection.

Public Access Computers are equipped with a high speed connection to the Internet making it convenient for patrons to do research, homework, check email, analyze stock and do job searches and applications. The software on the computers allow patrons to prepare flyers, brochures, invitations, resumes and other printed documents.

Children's Programs include StoryTime!, Tiny Tot Tales and the Summer Reading Program. Highlighting the summer months is the ever popular Summer Reading Program sponsored by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. The program runs during June and July.

Library Tours may be arranged for schools, daycare providers, scout troops and others by contacting the library at 830-426-5333.

How to obtain a Library card

To receive a borrower's card, a person must present one of the following forms of current identification:

  • Driver's license/State ID (see note)
  • Current utility bill (telephone, electric, water)

If the form of identification does NOT have the person's current home address on it, additional proof of address/residence is required, example: lease or mortgage paperwork, utility bill, piece of mail received under that name at that address. 

Hondo Residents:

Persons who live in or own property inside the city limits of Hondo and have appropriate forms of identification are eligible for an initial library card at no charge.

Non-City Residents:

See explanation of fees

  • $15 Individual/Family membership annually
  • $10 Senior citizen (55+) membership annually
  • Free Active duty Military and veterans - in recognition of their service

Why do I have to pay a membership if I live outside of the city limits?

The library operates under the support of the City of Hondo through revenue generated from citizens' property taxes and utilities. Although non-city residents may pay county taxes, this revenue is considered county income which does not support the library or local city government. We hope this will help in understanding the procedure used in acquiring a membership.


  • Monday through Friday 10 am - 6 pm.
  • Saturday 10 am - 3 pm.
  • Book Sale Prices
  • Pink $2 Yellow $1 Green $0.50

Donations are limited to 30 items per patron per month. Encyclopedias, textbooks, magazines, and VHS tapes are NOT accepted. Neither are materials which were stored where animals or mold caused damage nor where excessive dust was present.

Fines and Fees

Books, Audio Books, ILL Books

  • $.10 cents, per day and per item

(Maximum of $5 per item)


  • $1, per day and per item

(Maximum of $10 per item)

Laptops and Wi-Fi Hotspots - Only available AFTER 6 months of active membership

  • $5, per day and per item

(Maximum of $35 for laptop and $25 for Wi-Fi hotspot)

Full replacement cost of item will be charged if not returned.

Prints and Copies

  • Black and White $.10 cents, per page
  • Color $1, per page

Out Going Fax

  • $1 per page, excluding cover sheet

Replacement Library Card

  • $1, per card

Charges for Lost or Damaged Material

If a patron loses a library item or damages an item so that further circulation is impossible, the patron will be charged the full replacement price of the item plus a $3 processing fee. This applies to books, audio books, DVDs and videos. For lost or damaged equipment fees, see the Equipment Policy below.